Welcome to the Department of Liberal Arts! The department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad is a leading center for the study of a highly diverse range of subjects including Cultural Studies, Economics, English (Literature and Language), Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology and Social Anthropology. Academic programs such as International Relations, and Media and Fine Arts are soon to be integrated into the existing structure. While its primary focus remains world class research in the fields of humanities and social sciences, the department is also deeply committed to teaching innovative and intellectually stimulating courses to undergraduate and post graduate students of the institute. In addition, Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad places a lot of importance on interdisciplinary collaborations resulting in academic and financial development through projects of national and international importance. Currently, the department offers undergraduate courses at the institute and also has a strong post graduate program that confers research degrees, namely M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Unique in its constitution and vision, the department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad strives to pursue excellence in teaching and research to benefit students, academics and the wider society. The department aspires to enrich the academic and creative life of the institute, encourage cutting-edge scholarship, and cultivate a deeper understanding of humanity at large.



SEMINAR: 'How to Destroy a City in 6 Panels: Building & Unbuilding Worlds through Graphic Novels' by

Jai Undurti and Fabian Stoltz, 2.30 PM on MARCH 21, 2018* VENUE: 220, Block A*

* Womb on Rent: Commercial Surrogacy*

* IIT Hyderabad is Playing a Big Role in Modi Goverment's Educational Project*